YILIBALO slimming massage gel - Effective Anti Cellulite

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Gel 85ml Leg Body Waist Effective Anti Cellulite Fat Burning - Weight Loss

  • Product description
  • The crowd: General
  • Main Ingredients: Natural Bamboo, Red Pepper Oil, Natural Propolis, A Natural Ginger Extract and Seaweed Extract Ingredients
  • Net weight: 85g
  • Thinning: Gel
  • Red pepper in Massage Gel Slimming Cream fat burning cream slimming powerful cream slimming creams and ointments
  • As long as there is determination to lose weight, I think you can lean it down, and wish for a prompt success of weight loss!
  • Stations are crazy sell products! Yi Li Beiluo new generation of red pepper Massage Gel Slimming Natural Red pepper, natural propolis, natural ginger extract and
  • Composition containing seaweed extract, for the parts of hypertrophic fat directly can promote blood circulation, moisture, retractable, in order to achieve thin skin curve
  • Slimming effect!
  • The main raw materials: natural red pepper oil, natural propolis, natural ginger extract, algae essence, CARBOPOL, TEA, WATER, EDTA, MP
  • Thin and beautiful curves, skin slimming effect
  • New generation Beiluo red pepper Slimming massage gel with natural red pepper oil, natural propolis, natural ginger extract ingredients and seaweed extract, for those
  • Parts of hypertrophic fat can directly promote the circulation of Remarks, moisture, retractable, in order to achieve a thin profile, Body slimming effect
  • use:
  • Stretching over the fat pieces that hypertrophy (wrist, arm, waist, abdomen, buttocks, thighs) from the bottom up direction of the massage.
  • Note: after 15 minutes Chung, only the feeling of heat, can not be re-used too. Due to different skin types, is also different the feeling of heat, too hot, if you can use alcohol-based
  • Products can reduce the feeling of Clean Heat

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